How To Do SEO With Local SEO Marketing: The Importance of Social Signals

How To Do SEO: Check Your Website's Visibiity - Social Media SEO

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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Social Signal

What are Social Signals?
by Daniel Tan

We wrote a long article about Social Signal last month and got tremendous responses. I got emails discussing this with me and appreciating the article. Many shared the article too.

Looks like everyone is agreeing that Social Signal is going to takeover backlinks in the very foreseeable future (or Continue reading

Corporate Social Media 2.0

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Corporate Social Media 2.0

As corporations complete constructing their social media channels what’s next in this brave new world?

By David Howell on May 11, 2012


Social media 1.0 was all about building your corporation’s Facebook page, or setting up a Twitter account. Most corporations have now at least built a basic social presence that interfaces with their marketing and in some cases their CRM support.

A recent report from Forrester clearly indicated that corporations now have social media firmly on their road-maps stating that they see how social media has fundamentally Continue reading

How To Do SEO: Your SEO Marketing Keywords May Be In Hiding

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One essential factor that can contribute perpetual success to your SEO marketing campaigns would be initially researching and choosing the best keywords for your industry. This means determining which search terms your potential clients are selecting when shopping. Yes, they are now predisposed to buying your product or service.

That is the number one reason why business owners regularly ask me how to do SEO. This is nothing “new under the sun” as far as what I’m telling you. Yet, there is a chance that some SEO experts have neither heard of this concept I am about to share with you or give very little credibility to its existence

And for those readers who have never given this any Continue reading

Local SEO Marketing Makes You A Success For Local Internet Marketing

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Local SEO marketing can be defined as getting targeted website traffic from the search engines and converting them into loyal customers. Now everyone knows that every business owner and their cousin wants more customers which means more sales.

But the reality is, to get more consumers to go to your website, you must be prepared to dedicate yourself to learning what you need to do to be on the first page of Google. Your alternative would be to retain an experienced SEO consultant who can optimize your site utilizing SEO strategies and social media marketing. Doing this may be the ticket to competing with the big boys especially for your local Internet marketing.

The ability to have more people actually find you on the web would involve Continue reading

Local SEO Marketing: How To Do SEO Properly Is So Important Video 1

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  • Is Your Company SEO Disabled?

  • Are You No Where to Be Found On Google?

  • Do You Realize That Social Media Is Where It’s At?

Enjoy this eye-opening video…

Continue reading

How To Do Local SEO Marketing Using a SEO Growth Evaluation Report

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Here Are Some Things You Must Do and Consider Before You Buy SEO Marketing Services -

When a company decides to market their products or services on the Internet, they are now showing how serious they are to reach as many new clients as possible. Building a website is the very first step of any type of SEO marketing or Internet marketing campaign. In fact, the success or failure of your website depends greatly on how clearly you have defined your company’s goals.

If you don’t sit down and figure out what you want your website to accomplish, it will most likely fail right from the very beginning. Without having clearly defined Continue reading